We are going through the excitement of planning, the anticipation of things to come.  Even though the big trip down-under is still 8 months away we are already considering details such as which lens(es) I will restrict myself to.

When every ounce is important the thought of lugging around a number of chargers for laptops, camera batteries phones (fitbits?) is frustrating.  Can someone invent a universal charger please….preferably in the next 8 months.

I have bought my backpack.  I decided to go for a travel (rather than a trail) backpack.  This means that I have sacrificed some comfort in the suspension system for travel functionality such as panel opening, zip-able covers for the straps, and a removable day-bag.  Don’t get me wrong, it is still extremely comfortable and well supported, it just doesn’t have quite the body-hugging suspension system you would need if you planned to camp or walk into the wilderness for days on end.  No, mine is designed for walking comfortably for a couple of miles, and to provide ease of use when jumping on planes, trains and boats.

I decided to invest in quality and bought an Osprey Farpoint 70.  This has a 55 litre main compartment and a 15 litre daybag that can be clipped to the front to spread the load and allow access for documents and cameras.

I think it’s pretty nice!

Osprey Farpoint 70


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