One of my passions is photography and, within that broad subject, my favourite aspect is street photography.  For me this means capturing images of people going about their lives.  Some of these images are candid, taken without the knowledge of the subject.  Others are of people that you have interacted with, perhaps bought something from in a market.  These images are less natural as they are posed, but no less effective or interesting if the image shows them in their normal surroundings.

I took the following image in Maeklong near Bangkok in February 2016.  It is of a little boy walking beside a railway track, carrying a bag of vegetables just bought from the track-side market.  I love it because your heart goes out to him.  He looks alone, and perhaps in danger.

railway boy

The black and white treatment of the image seems to emphasise this.  In reality his mum was walking beside him and cropped out of the image.  The railway was not currently in use, so he was not in any danger.

What do you think?  Any comments on the image?


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