After much deliberation and changing of minds we finally settled on an itinerary and booked the flights for the “big one”.  Most of it is non-refundable so we are committed.  I had a very brief discussion with the boss at work before paying.  He said “go for it” and was, I think, a bit jealous – he is a guy my age and probably sees the “mid-life crises” logic of it all.

So the flights are as follows:-

  1. London – Singapore
  2. Singapore – Auckland
  3. Christchurch – Melbourne
  4. Melbourne – Sydney
  5. Sydney – Brisbane
  6. Cairns – Hong Kong
  7. Hong Kong – London

The bits that don’t join are overland.

I must say that Trailfinders are absolutely brilliant.  I dealt with a young guy called Ian  who offered good suggestions, avoiding, for example, very early departures wherever possible.  We tried to compare costs with the DIY option and there may have been some small savings but really the advice and ease of booking is worth the premium, if there is one.


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