I had heard a lot about Singapore from just about anyone who has ever travelled to Australia or New Zealand.  Most of what I had heard was spot on… it is clean, orderly, and has a unique mix of cultures.  Luckily meeting up with old friends living in Singapore as expats gave us a bit more insight into life in the city-state, including some food recommendations.

Little India was great.  Good vegetarian thali….


Narrow streets with all sorts of vegetables and flowers on sale.


The contrast between modern architecture and hindu temples was stark.


Singapore is also famous for its green spaces and botanical gardens.


And the amazing Gardens by the Bay


With its walkway between metal “trees”…


And the ultra modern Marina Bay Sands Hotel


The bay area also has great views across the water to the mix of old and new buildings that make up Singapore.


So, everything I had heard about Singapore was true, and I really really like the place.  I don’t think I could live here though.  30 Centigrade is hot, and the seasons don’t really change.  It is also eye-wateringly expensive, with pints of beer at around £10, and, if you want to try the local chilli crab a big sharing one will set you back £40 to £50!!!

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