This was just meant to be a journey-breaker because the drive from the glaciers to Christchurch would be too far.  But, surprisingly, it became one of our favourites.  The town looks a bit strange.  It has very wide residential streets.  Unnecessarily wide streets lined by bungalows.  It is like Worthing or Littlehampton but without planning restrictions.  Mixed with this “old person” vibe is an arty-crafty hippy atmosphere reminiscent of  Brighton.

You can see craftsmen working with local jade, glass-blowers making glass kiwis, and even socks makers making socks.  But the weirdest thing is the drift-wood sculptures on the beach.  There is an annual drift-wood competition that draws artists in from all over the world but it also brings the local amateur closet artists out from their bungalows.  They just go mad and lash bits of wood together and balance flat stones in gravity-defying piles … 

until the harsh weather of the Westlands eventually destroys it all.  You can’t fight the second law of thermodynamics – entropy always increases.

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