Sydney and Melbourne are the two biggest cities in Australia, and are of quite similar size, and have a great deal of friendly competition between them. 

No-one can visit both without comparing them or choosing a favourite.

Firstly, there are a lot of similarities. Both have a modern, dynamic, feel.  Both have modern CBDs 

And have multiple quirky suburbs.  Where Melbourne has St Kilda and Fitzroy, Sydney has the Surry Hills and Newtown.

So where is Sydney different?

It has more iconic sights, like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

It has a more interesting geography, sitting across multiple peninsulars and around countless bays.

It feels a little more gritty and, perhaps, sleazy, with more visible gambling halls and adult shops.  There seems to be more homelessness and begging.

The very nature of its location is both a blessing and a curse.  Getting around is difficult with so much water around.  This is why people use the ferries instead of the busses whenever possible.

The very rich have very nice waterside houses.  

The rest need to live in house shares or distant suburbs.

Sydney has more history, as the site of the first convict colony, now the area known as The Rocks.

It has beaches and, even better, dozens of tidal salt-water swimming pools, often carved into rocks and battered by the surf.

I found the people of Sydney less friendly than in Melbourne.  I also felt a little more at ease in Melbourne with a nicer roof-top bar and laneway culture.  

They are both great cities but I would prefer to live in Melbourne.

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