A short ferry hop from the mainland, Fraser Island is a place unlike anything I have ever seen before.  An island made of pure sand…but covered in rain forest 

and with crystal clear lakes.  

It can only be navigated by 4 wheel drive vehicles and the sand tracks through the forests are extremely bumpy.

On the far side of the island is a wide beach over 70 miles long that is an official highway and a landing strip for light aircraft. 

 The beach is also the final resting place for several ships.

The best view of the island is from the air, where you can see the shape of lakes and dunes.

But you have to trust in a 40 year old plane taking off from the sand highway, with a very young pilot timing takeoff and landing by looking at when the big waves surge up the beach by peering through a salty windscreen.!! 

One thought on “Fraser Island

  1. now that is living ! similar to our exploits with fishing in Canada though those float planes were built in the 1940’s!


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