Hong Kong

Tired and weary, we visited Hong Kong as a 3 day stop-over on our way home.  Perhaps this state of mind didn’t give Hong Kong a level playing field with the other destinations that we visited over the last 3 months.  Perhaps we just wanted to get back home.

Anyway, on the positive side, the city was cool and dry compared to Queensland.  Low 20s centigrade felt like heaven.  We even swapped shorts for longs.  Hong Kong is, as expected, spectacular, with a relatively narrow strip of land between water and mountain housing skyscraper after skyscraper.

Hong Kong-3

Along this strip, the unique, brightly coloured double-decker trams trundled back and forth.

Hong Kong-4

Side streets revealed markets full of unusual food (sharks-fin, abalone, still-flapping fish, unusual fruits and vegetables).

Hong Kong-2

But it was busy and confusing and badly organised.  Signposts seemed to be non-existent.  Shopping streets were heaving with a relentless human tide.  There was no-where to sit, no parks, no benches.

Hong Kong-1

So we decided to escape to Cheung Chau, an island half an hour by ferry away from Hong Kong.  It was much more tranquil there, and it provided a glimpse to what life would have been like in Hong Kong a few decades ago…

Hong Kong-11

Fishing boats, old men chatting in the streets, fish drying on any available surface.

Hong Kong-12

So Hong Kong was interesting and, I understand, there are spectacular walks in the countryside around the city, but, for me, it was a place that I won’t rush back to.

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