Images of Auckland

The problem with travelling light is that it is hard to bring along all your photographic equipment and editing software, or, indeed, have time to use it.  So, now, back home, I have started sifting through the images and editing the better ones.

So here are the images of Auckland, way back in January….

Mount Eden
CBD in Black and White
Moody sky
From Waiheke Island
The marina area
Street scene

2 thoughts on “Images of Auckland

    1. Hi Jon, We have loved following your travels via your blog. Will be such an interesting record for you to look back on. Your photography is excellent and your comments really informative and well considered. Thanks for that and for your kind comments regarding your stay with us in Auckland. We have returned from Texas with our daughter, son-in-law and their toddler, who has an unerring eye for any gaps in our child-proofing of the house!!!! Keeps us on our toes, but he is gorgeous.
      Best wishes for 2017 to you, Sarah and Matt. You may be enjoying a little quieter time now!
      Christine & Don Hill


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