Photographing the Cinque Terre

If any area of Europe needs no marketing it is the Cinque Terre in north-west Italy.  All you need to do is look at the thousands of images online and you just want to visit.  The brightly coloured houses piled on top of each other around quaint coves just scream out to be photographed and posted to Facebook.

For our recent visit I new I wouldn’t be capturing any new or particularly original images but I wanted to make a good attempt at capturing the light during the “golden hours” either side of sunset.

To do this you need to use a tripod so, despite the weight and the hassle, that is what I packed and lugged up several very steep hillsides.

The five little towns that make up the Cinque Terre are all pretty in their own way but a couple of them stand out, Manarola and Vernazza.  They are both best approached from the north on the rugged coastal walk.  That way you get glimpses of the towns as you approach them, and then they reveal themselves into all their glory as you round the final bends in the path.

This image shows Vernazza at dusk.  The long exposure turns the bobbing boats in the foreground to blurs but the tripod keeps the detail of the buildings crystal clear.


This next image shows Manarola as the sun is setting, turning the town orange in the glow.  Swimmers are enjoying jumping into the sea from the rocks in the foreground.


As the sun sets and the lights of the town come on, the exposure gets longer and the surf breaking against the rocks takes on a ghostly blur.


The final picture is of Riomaggiore, the town we stayed in.  It has a small harbour and small boats parked all over the town and its high street.  We experienced an early evening thunderstorm (the first real rain for 3 months) and  found the long exposure brought out the shine of the wet pavements.


Muay Thai in Bangkok

Muay Thai in Bangkok

Muay Thai, or Thai Kickboxing, is a national obsession.  All boys learn the art of Muay Thai at school and, like “western” boxing, it can be an escape from poverty into fame a riches for the very best.

The “armchair traveller” can easily watch bouts on Youtube and read all about the history and techniques of this martial art but, unless you have been there and experienced it you don’t hear the sounds or smell the smells. Continue reading “Muay Thai in Bangkok”

Travel Photography

Travel Photography

One of my passions is photography and, within that broad subject, my favourite aspect is street photography.  For me this means capturing images of people going about their lives.  Some of these images are candid, taken without the knowledge of the subject.  Others are of people that you have interacted with, perhaps bought something from in a market.  These images are less natural as they are posed, but no less effective or interesting if the image shows them in their normal surroundings. Continue reading “Travel Photography”